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Updated on / June 26

Highlighting the "Real You" in Today's Social Media

FAYVO is creating a new way of being social, but also useful. Fayvo is giving consumers a way to create real human connections, while also allowing them to share their true personality by showing all their favorites, all the time.

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Updated on / Oct 14

How to Create a Digital Scrapbook with Fayvo

Once upon a time, people kept track of their favorite things and memories by cutting out pictures and texts and placing them in a physical scrapbook to be cherished for years to come. But fast forward to 2019, and everything has become completely scattered. With photo albums and messages now digitized, people have their favorite memories and things plastered across different online platforms. Some post photo albums on Facebook; others only on Instagram, while mood boards, favorite recipes and decors are often saved on Pinterest.

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Updated on / Oct 14

How To Declutter Your Social Media Feed With Fayvo

Our social media feeds are overstuffed. Even though we all want to see are the latest updates from our closest friends, we often end up scrolling through mundane posts, pictures, and videos - not to mention the countless ads.

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