“Where is my favorites?”

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Where is my favorites?

where-is-my-favorites All your favorites in one place Updated on / Nov 11 2019

“Where is my favorites?” When was the last time you asked yourself this question?


Where is my favorites is the question that our founder asked himself when trying to find all the favorite pages and recommendations from family and friends when travelling abroad.

But even after you find where your favorites where saved, a new computer, a new smartphone or even cleaning your history or reseating your computer can become a nightmare!

Today life moves at an incredible pace and our favorites are where we store knowledge that is important to us.

From that life safer skill, to a new place, café or restaurant we want to explore to important things that will change our life course.

Remember all that research about what university to apply to? You probably saved it in your favorites. What if you were lost among all the clutter and didn’t choose the right degree, the right city, the right university?

Remember all those websites you marked down as favorites for things you wanted to see in your last trip? How many of those did you end up losing and totally forgetting about? How many books or movies you love have you ended up forgetting about?

There is an easier way. Meet Fayvo!


Why favorites in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are not enough

In browsers we are used to saving our favorites by clicking a star like icon and opening the our “Favorites” tab. Here you can save the current website you are browsing and save that information for later.

Your favorites section will turn somewhat like a favorites folder that you can easily access but not so easily navigate.

Today as we are exposed to tons of data and information, we tend to save more and more favorites to select what is important to us, what we love and recommend but also what we will need to use for later.

Fayvo’s mobile application allows you to save all your favorites and organize them in a way that you will always be able to find what you love and what you need. More than that, you will be able to connect to the platforms you already use and love and sync all your favorites to keep them in one place.

Fayvo is already available on android and IOS
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